Saturday, February 22, 2003

Brand New day starts with vim

Hey yey! Yes it's just another bright new day! And well.... the feeling
of typing it out in vim with the cool black screen of a Linux console beyond, is something like meditating. And yes! Linux terminals (not x terms but the original consoles) is one that brings peace to the mind. You feel calm, detached from the world, and yet so connected to it. And the feeling of power is a heady one.

You don't need to rely on anybody's skeleton of gui to extract information. You are a digital Indian. One who can ride in without saddles. bareback across many an indian plain. Yes! sireee.... I love my linux console. I loved it in 1024x768 resolution and I still love it at 640x480.

For the uninitiated or the uninformed vim happens to be the zen of all editors. I don't like emacs a lot cos' it litters my folders with too many #files
but vim thankfully hides all that as .files. I am using Perl to generate all the templates. I think it's the best language of all times except for OO, where Ruby scoores heavy. and Linux rocks. Windows don't even come close

Reminds me. What's with Slashdot. For the past week they have tended to focus on some psychological aspects like loneliness and some solid advice on how to get geeks to date. I think as the 80's techie bunch matures the topics are switching track. Soon enough diapers shall be discussed. Not a problem though, it's informative.

Anyway it's a brand new day! Woops! I think this should have been a morning post. Got our Microcontroller CLRI here we come....


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