Saturday, July 31, 2004


In what trade analysts, security experts and astronomers have called a rather strange and perhaps bizzarre occurence, TCS today conducted a roadshow delivering information to it's employees. This rather bold venture by a company known more, for it's niggardliness in staffing toilets with paper, has caused quite a few trade analysts to suspect a black hand behind it all. Or rather a brown one.

However the joyfullness of employees in being told that they belong to TCS, was marred by further revelations from head honcho Ramodorai. "We have decided to make sure you can bid only in lots of 7 shares. It's because it's a mighty cool number", he said. He also added that it was because corporate thought that 7 was wicked cool, and they would like to see all those people multiply 7 by 995. "This way", he said, "no one can figure out they are being welched". "See 7 times 7 is 49 and 7 times 17, is, ermmm...See See", he said.

But what really made matters worse was when a large dung beetle of the upper management variety attempted to attack Ramodarai and chew off his left eyebrow. However when it found that Ramodorai (himself descendant of a dung beetle or such..), posed a counterattack, it left the auditorium, took to sulking in a corner and called a press conference.

"TCS is evil", stated the dung beetle, but refused to divulge more information, stating that it was in love. It also asked reporters if they had any cheese biscuits.

The Communits party of India (not the Indian CommuNITWITS party) meanwhile issued a declaration in which they claimed that the attack of the dung beetle represented a victory for all of India's workers. "The BJP is Communits", cried Mr. Ape Baradhan, foam flecking his lips. However he later issued a correction, stating that his intentions were clear, and the politburo were out to get him now.

The dung beetle has meanwhile decided to canvas for the Congress, and is hoping to get employed at TCS.


Sunday, July 25, 2004

Down with the achoo flu

Yeah! that's right. Down with the flu, and a rather bad version of it. This after a hectic week at work, where the jokers cancelled my trip to bombay. feeling very very liquid now. so bear patience till i post again. and thank you guys, noopur, just me,preethi,ythee, amit, ashok lux and various other folk, for keeping me alive through this tough time....