Wednesday, July 12, 2006

An or(kutti) world

Orkutting today.

A few thoughts on how the interface can be changed.

Searching is a pain.

1. Considering the fact that I am searching amongst my friends, who would belong to the same community that I belong to, it is very silly that any name first does not get searched along these lines before being passed off onto general search.

2. Account management still sucks. Why Oh Why, can't they simply have one login and translate them automagically to gmail logins. If you already have a gmail account with the same name, integrate it.

3. It's not integrated with Gmail. And gmail should be able to tell me if someone has messaged me on orkut and make it appear right there as a mail message. Not done :(

4. Communities are again a plenty. Lots of scything required there.

5. Does not work over my mobile phone, does not integrate into my address book. Waiting for 3G

Pleasant , but can be much much better