Saturday, January 21, 2006

I laugh so that I don't cry....

Class. Sometime between 10.15 and 10.45.

While I am pleasantly sitting with my nose two inches from the bench before me, and my eyes tightly shut, the proffesor drones behind me...

All of a sudden, I hear a spark of passion, a ghost that left this place quite some time ago, only to return, to startle both the student and the proffesor with the strength of the violence he can kindle in you.

The proffesor says, "None of you can ever become CEO's, other than a very few. Most people in this college cannot take a risk at all. You are all forty year old retirees at the age of twenty-three. And most of you don't have any guts..."

I thump the desk in appreciation.

I thump alone.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

It is the only sound being made in class.

While most of the class is sitting shocked at the vehemence in his voice, the truth of what he said and the apparent insult to their egos, I have yet again failed to notice all this and am busy thumping the desk all alone in the class of sixty.

Sleep and stupidity have conspired once again to make me a rebel...

After class, favourite tea shop. My morning dose of tea. Mak with his `honto ciggarantes`. Me with my tea and butter biscuit.

A comes up to me. He's with his friends. Animatedly discussing class. He comes up to me. Heaven knows not why!!!

A goes, "Dude! You know I completely agree with him. Man I am going to be a CEO man. It makes no sense being a manager. At least after three four years".

I stand there politely nodding and drinking tea, wishing hard that he would go away.

Then he hits me with a stunner.

"Dude tell me how did you have the guts to thump the desk like that. I really wanted to but I was afraid of what others may think of me. That was a big risk you took man".

I was late to class again. Laughed so hard couldn't find my way to the classroom.