Friday, May 05, 2006

Highmaster recently wrote a mail. I shall reproduce it here so one and all may look at it, observe it and learn all the common mistakes they should avoid when writing a mail. Highmaster, thank you, thank you, thank you....

Dear All,
The students of PGPM 2005 and PGHR 2005 are away for their summer internships and check their (WHAT??? High Master does not mention. What do the students check for important academic announcements. Their nether regions, their neighbour's potty. What do they check HIGHMASTER what do they check?) for important academic announcements, although not as frequently as they would like (Abject generalization. How do you know how frequently I like to check my mail and that too for academic announcements. Evidently that's a nice variety of pot you're smoking. Pass some here) Hence, kindly do not send across your large word files as they clog our small inboxes (this is like describing a medical condition)and do not let us get the important mail (are you requesting that they not let you " get the important mail" whatever that is, or are you simply requesting them to not send large attachments as they are wont to do?).When the students come back ( are you stating that you are not a student or your actions depend on the return of students and hey! if we are all waiting for `students' to come back then what the hell are we. I had always assumed that I was also a student) some of us ( count me out) may fill in the forms for your project survery (when in Faruary?).

The confusing thing is his mix of students as entities distinct from him and most of his friends (who also happen to be students but he has decided to ignore it for the time being, high no doubt) and the form provider, who also happens to be a student for goodness sake. To top it all of he's in the communications club. Kamwali must surely be a genius.