Sunday, December 24, 2006


to eat, sleep, drink, read, play, jump, write, paint, sing, hear, talk, think, think, think,to dream, gaze, view, see, craft, make, model, sketch, pencil, putdown, create, think, think, think.
to pick up, to drop, code, debug, re engineer, pattern, argue,debate,walk on grass, lie on it, smell it, run, play down the line, across, plot, scheme, guile, place, win, run, freeze my nose, my ears, listen to the whirring of a fan, the clickety clack of keyboards expressing the pulse of electrons in my brain, to learn haskell, to code grammars, to learn about monads, recursion, parse::RecDescent, ajax toolkits, ruby to swf, laszlo, chickane, remixing, music, movies, music videos, irony, virago, ode to the pythons, slipgut, 50 pushups everyday, two kilometer runs, swim, dance the salsa, impress, read McLean, Sharpe and Bear, to drink tea, feel the warmth inside the rajai and the feeling of a nice morning sun, frost, fog, dew, mild lager drunk slightly warm, the liquid fire of smooth whisky, the oily fire of vodka, the tang of brandy or the smooth sourness of wine, the smell of cheese, green characters on a black background, litestep, TAG, techpreneurship, F.E.A.R, computer games, pixellation, rendering algorithms, DSP, Supply Chain, the comfort of a nice pair of clean fresh new socks, the snug feeling of gloves as you drive away into the horizon, bright stars, a home made telescope, warm peanuts, cheese and wine, fresh smell of tobacco smoke, the local beedi, hot chai steaming from the little shop, fried eggs for breakfast, the cool sip of slightly cold dark sugarless black coffee, the cold tingle that your fingers go through in the morning, fresh toothpaste squeezed ever so gently out of its tube, hidden so well from all those who dare look upon it as theirs, the smell of iodine and medicinal brandy, smoke from those fires at night from the guards in their huts, to hunker down and smell burning wood, to know where you came from, where you will go, the strains of music from a tea stall in the middle of the night, of unfortunate punjabi songs, empty corridors and empty roads, to stand alone at night in a field, stare at the sky and know in comfort that it's only a lifetime before something nice happens for a change, the sudden cold dust that blows down as we think from the very poles, the emptiness of a place emptied.

I am free to enjoy all that

Sixth term just began.