Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Wednesday blues -> brights

Wednesday morning. Yawn! Today is a beautiful example of how
thoughtful the gods can be when they decide to poke their god like
noses into the affairs of mortals like you. Unlike the extreme
thoughtlessness of the ICICI and the BCCI and the Australian Cricket
Comittee that decided to hold a cricket tournament in the Netherlands
in Autumn!!!!

I mean how dumb can it get!!!

It's even dumber than Lotus Notes.

I mean consider. What do the English do during their year. March to
July they play cricket. But come August, they put away stumps, bats,
wickets, pack off those stout and dour umpires to Scotland, and decide
to murder each other on the rugby field.

I mean it could be because of the cold, but whenever I see a rugby
game, within minutes of play commencing all the players are lying on
top of each other. Or hugging each other rather brutally, or like the
local puppies in a gully literally falling over each other. Somedays
it gets pretty embarassing. When they stop resembling puppies and take
to clutching each others private parts with great abandon.

And I have rarely seen a rugby match played in the Sun. Chances are
in a rugby match the full field is mud. It starts out as good grass,
but due to the RAIN, it turns to mud.

Yes! In those angreez countries it rains. A lot.

If the BCCI were not aware of this little piece of information, they
could have just called up Flintoff and asked him. Or Tim Corbett, or
even Zaheer Khan, who spent his time playing county cricket.

But in a wonderful example of whimsy they held it in the Netherlands.


On an average each match has had about ten overs bowled before the
ball was lost irretrievably in the larger size lake that the grounds
had become.

Players are getting rather water logged what with all the rain.

And the matches get over before I even get home. Arrrghhhhh!!!!

Plus, Netherlands is below sea level. Chances of water draining out
from the pitch are pretty bleak. I mean where does it drain out to.
These guys actually pump rain water out into the sea, being below sea

I mean! Come on! Does this make sense. (O.K. I meant the cricket matches....)

Man oh man oh man.... What a bunch of dweebs.

Oh! Plus links are down. SO no work till they come back on. Am gonna
use this time to update the blog and write a lot of stuff that I
always wanted to write about....