Sunday, July 22, 2007


Moved into a new house today. It's a 3BHK flat on the fourth floor in a spacious block of flats called quite mysteriously Windsor Park. The name Windsor is quite the favorite with the builders here. During my short trip from the hotel with luggage my auto stopped at Windsor, Windsor Manor, Windsor Fields, Windsor & Sunova and finally at Windsor Park, which didn't improve my mood at all.
We had met the owner on Saturday and sealed the deal over a massive lunch after which I left for Gurgaon to meet 'The horizontal one'. We spent our time comfortably horizontal.
Slight hitch: The toilets have no bathroom fixtures. This means that most of the time we perform our ablutions with the room door open ensuring that flat mates can acoustically detect each other's locations much like the common bat and can hence ensure we don't embarrass each other. One of my flat mates is down with stomach flu ensuring that the only person he's been embarrassing has been himself. How terribly embarrassing!

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