Thursday, September 23, 2004

What's my password? #@^^#$^% you ducker. (Passwords and Pestillential phoners)

What is it about computers, that people keep running in to Tidel to become software engineers. The job? I don't think so. Software engineering is about as much hot air and bullshit that it just sucks. I should know. I am an old hand at it.

Besides it's bewildering.

Check out TCS's COHRPHORATE security policy. I mean, everytime you log into an application you have to change your password. Wow! Nice security man. But this would be great if I oh! Log into this application once in a while.

Since I have to log into this application six times a day, I have to change my passwords six times a day.
Plus, numerical progressions are not allowed. So I cannot have a sequence of passwords that go password1 password2.

Oh! No, that would be open to attacks, and therefore it needs to be randumb.


End result. I can't remember my password at all, second time around. Which means that my only use of that specific application till now has been to login.

Change my password. (This is some totally random stuff that I type out. Besides not allowing progressions it does not also allow you to enter something remotely similiar to what you entered before.)

Log out again.

Scratch my head since the password I entered before was random text and there is no way I can remember it now even with the aid of metaamphamines.

And then go off straight to the special group that looks after that application and request them to reset my password.

And then login again....

So all day long I have been sitting here just logging into the application and not doing anything else with it. I mean, yeah! Software is cool, but it can't be so incredibly cool, that the only benifit it offers users is logging in, and logging out. Besides of course, the random clueless guessings indulged in between logging in and logging out.

Oh! Oh! And to top it all, guess what this application does.

Its a problem logger, so that people can come and then rectify problems later on. So why do you need to change your password everytime you log in.

Because an evil user may get your password and request installation of Doom III on his machine and play them all day long, thereby causing jealousy amongst those not fortunate enough to have had the brains to implement such an idea, and those dumb enough to actually go for it.

Ah! Life. . .

Sweet Life.....

And corporotitis, which is just the general disease of large parts, that continues to plauge not just corporates, defined as general dumbness....


My cubicle neighbour has a phone on his desk. Oh! Joy. Sweet Joy! This means his friends call him up. For coffee, tea, general visitations.

Now if he's sitting at his desk, he answers the phone at the second ring. Which is normal. I mean even if he was abnormally lazy, he would still possibly pick it up by the second ring if he were at his desk.

So by the second ring it should be possible to find out if he is at his desk or he isn't.

But NO! "The motto is think and you die", so callers end up holding onto the phone for thirteen fourteen rings, and then hang up.

Here's a clue for the clueless, if you are calling a guy at his desk and he doesn't pick the phone by the second ring he is not at his desk....

Oh! the joys of programming perl in the midst of these jokers.


Instead of clamouring for change become the object of change yourself. Next time on the third ring I plan to pick up the phone and ask for pizza