Thursday, December 30, 2004

the howl of the baskar villas

Sometime Yesterday...

Amit me and dilip are sleeping when at round about 12.00 all the dogs in the neighbourhood start barking. I very politely observe that this probably means an earthquake or two and then go off to sleep.Half an hour later we are woken up by all the dogs yelling and running around and kicking up a tremendous fuss… Hah!So we go out to observe and all the dogs immediately quieten down and become model citizens.So we go back to sleep when hark! In just half an hour they all start barking again….

Amit politely is like “Big earthquake”.

Dilip gets up and is like… “Earthquake. I’ll show you bastards.”Well well well... He first goes into the bathroom and fills up the bucket full of water. I mean to the top. Amit and I are manfully waving about our arms and trying to remove the dogs from the porch when dilip comes with his huge bucket and whoosh!Completely misses all the barking dogs but pours the entire lot onto jimmy (technically the dog of the house) who is usually a very quiet animal.Stung to the quick, ( not to forget also wet), Jimmy decides to vent his frustration on the other dogs, since he can’t actually jump on Dilip.

So there goes jimmy fighting the good man’s fight amongst all the other mongrels, and the combatants have left the house and are sparring on the road, when Dilip runs down.Dilip clambers over the gate, and there on the road, picks up stones and with the vigor only a wronged basketball player can exhibit begins throwing stones at all the dogs.All this while yelling “Kutte, tera koon pi jaoonga”. “Kameene” and such….

All this at round about 1.30-2.00 in the morning….

End of all of it, he like picks up the bucket and is about to fling it too.When amit says “Hero! Bas ho gaya. Ab andar aa ja”.As dilip is walking back up the stairs I wonder what we would tell the house owner if he were to come in...

Ah! The joys of bachelorhood.

P.S. : Lux has pointed out to me that I ought to be happy that Dilip did not bite the dog. I totally agree with Lux.