Thursday, July 06, 2006

clubbed to death

After a rather pompous show of each club of MDI with it's associated activities, in resplendent PPT or flash I am left here clutching my head, wondering if it all really makes sense. The fundamental argument for a club is that it does something valuable for the individual: it makes a leader out of him; teaches him to work in a team; helps develop his managerial attributes.


Most people are associated with a club for about eight months in a B-school. What are the chances that eight months will accomplish what could not be done in twenty three years of upbringing. People who are new to the club will anyway end up working on a small aspect of the club activity. Bollocks to leadership there. People who are capable of managing an event will manage one event, just one event in their two year stay. Their chances to learn from this are simply zero, since it's very unlikely you will do another event. So your learning goes to zero, unless you count learning as learning what happens in an event. So you are given ringside seats to an event management function. Leadership qualities my ass!!!

This brings me to an opiniated succinct summary of all clubs in MDI. It's down to one line, so no problems there.

Clubs at MDI. The cult of the politburo...

Imperium: Let's have a Beerfest, but call it by some dignified name.

Illumina: Hell we had too much fun at Imperium, let's do something with the corporates.

Delphique: Shit! We still had too much fun at Illumina, so let's do something more with the corporates, but then let's make people dress up in monkey suits now.

Corp-Comm: We don't have anything to do, so let's cut out newspapers.

Iteration: We like an e at innapropriate pelaces.

Mandolins: We love to screech, but we call it talent

Natyamatics: We also love to screech, but we call it a performance.

Sports and Cultural: We love to screech and we call it sports, we also love to screech and we also call it a cultural event.

Ramanujam-of-the-month: We believe that all Ramanujam needed was a gel pen.

Prayas: My dad owns a store

Unnati: My dad owns a bank

Samaritans: I wish I could teach my colleagues to read

Monetrix: I like numbers, but I am essentially lazy

Placecom: We love a bunch of suckers

Yea! Yea! I can feel my leadership gushing around. Just don't step on it!!!